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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in our ceremonial temple (maloca) on the dates indicated in our calendar. 


One day prior to the Ayahuasca ceremony we hold Tobacco purge to clean our emotional, mental and physical bodies in preparation to receive Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant and we offer it within a ceremonial context. During a ceremony participants ingest  Ayahuasca which has mind expanding properties. This allows us to dive deeply into our inner worlds in order to heal, learn and explore our spirituality. Ceremonies are typically held in a group setting at night and last somewhere between 4-6 hrs.

If you are in Tarapoto staying at other accommodations you are welcome to participate in the Tobacco/Ayahuasca ceremonies. It is not advisable to return to town after the Ayahuasca ceremony until the following morning, however you are welcome to sleep in the maloca. 


If you wish to stay at our center, please pick which accommodation best suits you. If you arrive to Tarapoto the same day as Tobacco Ceremony please arrive in the morning as early as possible. Flight delays are common. 

To participate in the ceremony we need to know some information about you first. Please complete the registration questionaire.

Traditional Diet

Diets are held at our center on the dates indicated in our calendar.  If you would like to diet on dates not listed on our calendar please contact us to see if we can accomodate you.


Diets are very transformational experiences that enrich and alter our lives in many profound ways. When dieting, we isolate ourselves from the outside world and ingest medicinal plants in order to go through an inner transformation. These processes with sacred plants allow us to immerse ourselves deeply in our inner worlds in order to learn about ourselves and our relationships, heal our deepest wounds, nurture our gifts and talents, and evolve spiritually.




-Tobacco purge to prepare the body

-Opening and closing Ayahuasca ceremonies

-Process with medicinal plants chosen for your specific situation

-Ayahuasca journeys in solitude (optional) to deepen your process

-Daily individual integrative coaching sessions to help you in your transformation

-Special vegan diet to accompany the medicinal plants

-Private bungalow to be able to go inward

-Traditional plant bath

It is recommended to arrive to La Musa Verde a day before the start date of the process and stay at least another day after its completion to slowly transition back to regular life.

To participate in the diet we need to know some information about you first. You will need to complete a questionnaire before we can confirm your participation.

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